10 Most Intimidating Movie Henchmen Of All Time

It's time to give those who do the dirty work their day in the sun.

Being a henchman generally isn't the most glamorous job in cinema: made to do all of the dirty work that your chosen super villain wouldn't stoop to, sometimes you'll feel like no more than glorified errand boys. It's important to mention though, that without these brawny appendages doing the scheming brain's bidding very little would get done. Henchmen are essential. While it's true that we're drawn to the darker side of humanity as viewers, it's easy to overlook these foot soldiers to the troubled genius in command. But no more, for here we celebrate their hard work and dedication to causing mayhem and give them the center stage, and the attention they deserve. This compendium of evil will collate the most memorable and the most intimidating henchmen in cinema history: perhaps they're stone-cold badasses, or perhaps they end up being more compelling than the villain they serve under. Whatever the reason, they've stuck in audience minds and without them their respective films wouldn't have been anywhere near as good... Warning: SPOILERS will follow.

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