10 Intricate Movies You Will Never Stop Analysing

Sometimes lacking an all-explaining thematic wrap-up scene can be infuriating, but sometimes it'll make a film go down in history.

Film criticism is not for the faint of heart. If you dare offer up a particular reading into whether it was all just a dream, or consider if Deckard is a replicant or not, or assert a moral center to three hours of Jordan Belfort's antics, you'd better be ready for those who disagree with you to come out of the woodwork with freshly-sharpened pitchforks. Hollywood seems to be leaning towards more big-budget films with an ambiguous or philosophical edge. Recent examples include blockbusters like Inception and Prometheus, which made box-office killings due in large part to the debates they sparked among filmgoers €“ was Cobb dreaming at the end or not? What the heck was that black goo all about anyway? While these are mostly action movies at heart, they also pack a healthy wallop to the cerebellum. There€™s no shortage of films like that, but there is another genre of Hollywood film that seems specifically designed to drive audiences nuts. Sure, there are directors that immediately leap to mind in this category, and you€™ll certainly find the likes of David Lynch and Alejandro Jordowosky represented here. Other lesser-acquainted auteurs foray into the frustratingly-oblique only once, and for one reason or another end up turning out films that are abstruse, irrational, or downright nonsensical. Yet some big-budget abstract films can hit on something more profound. Here are ten such movies, in no particular order, that you will never stop analysing...

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