10 Most Intriguing Sci-Fi Movies Coming In 2014

Gather round, sci-fi nerds: here's the movies you've got to look forward to over the coming year.

If there's one genre that's sure to be big in 2014, it's science fiction. Fans may have to wait until 2015 for the next episode of genre behemoth Star Wars, but this year offers enough diversity of style and scale that there will be a sci-fi for everyone (even those turned off by grandiose space opera and racially dubious aliens). From blockbusting time travelling mutants to arthouse alien seductresses, 2014 has plenty of exciting and original sci-fi on offer. While it's fairly easy to predict the quality and style of the latest installments in hit sci-fi franchises both good (The Hunger Games) and bad (Transformers), the films listed here represent the more interesting and creative sci-fis to look forward to this year. As such they could just as likely each turn out to be an absolute disaster as a future classic, but that is always going to be the case with something genuinely original. Good science fiction has always been a genre about connecting with big ideas in a creative fashion, so here are the 10 sci-fi films of 2014 that are the most intriguing to look forward to...

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