10 Iron Man Fates Worse Than Death

8. Realising You're Capable Of Being The Bad Guy - The Golden Child

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Marvel Comics

In the third edition of the Marvel Team-Up run of the 2000s - dubbed The Golden Child - a crazed version of Doctor Doom runs rampant, easily dispatching of a who's who of Marvel Comics' greatest heroes. Whether it's Captain America, Spider-Man, the Hulk, Doctor Strange, the entire Fantastic Four or numerous other heroic sorts, all fall to Doom.

The catch here, though, is that this vicious villain is not Victor Von Doom. Instead, it's actually an alt-world Tony Stark who's the menace under the metal mask.

For the 'real' Tony, he struggles massively with the concept that he could feasibly become an evil tyrant. In fact, this villainous rogue even dubs himself Iron Maniac as he warns our heroes of the impending Titannus War that will be turn the world on its head.

Of course, the kicker here, mind, is that this was all for nought. For whatever reason, Marvel Comics skewed away from making the Titannus War the major deal we were all promised, and the event would randomly be wrapped up in just three issues that ended up with the Titannus warmonger taking his own life.

On the other side of things, this wouldn't be the last time the concept of an evil Tony Stark was teased or outright delivered...

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