10 Key Changes We Wish Recent Movies Had Made

Pixar should have killed one of Toy Story 4's iconic characters...

Toy Story 4 Ending

Not every creative decision in movies is the right one. From the outside, we fans can usually stop a stinker from a mile off, even when we're not talking franchises or characters with any kind of longevity. And for film-makers not to see where they've messed up and missed out on a way better movie by such a small margin is sadly frustrating.

Luckily, we're here to point it all out, helpfully.

Some of the movies discussed here were still legitimately great, while others would have been massively better with a few different changes, but the good thing about being an "entitled" movie fan in 2019 is we can change what we want in retrospect. Because sometimes it does feel like we know better...

10. Treat Nick Fury's Eye Injury Better - Captain Marvel

Nick Fury Cat
Marvel Studios

The Nick Fury we see in Captain Marvel is a completely different animal to the one we met in Iron Man and beyond. He was more full of energy, more happy-go-lucky, less seemingly cynical and quicker to humour. The set-up seemed to be that he was going to go through something that would steel his mettle and make him the more stoic figure of the future. We even had an answer for what - the same thing that took his eye.

We'd even been ominously teased about it as future Fury had said the last time he trusted someone he lost an eye. How dark and mysterious was that?! And then in Captain Marvel, it turns out his eye is scratched out by an alien cat-like creature as a gag. All that set-up and it's a nonsense, silly answer that didn't in any way tune into why Fury was so different.

It added nothing to the film and robbed Fury of key development that should have been in there in a serious, reverent way.

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