10 Knock Off Horror Movies That Are Worth Watching

9. Disturbia

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Knocked Off - Rear Window

In Disturbia, Shia LaBeouf plays a teen named Kale who can't leave his house for three months after being placed under house arrest. Out of boredom, Kale decides to spies on his neighbours including an eccentric man called Mr Turner. After witnessing Mr. Turner performing a series of suspicious acts, Kale concludes he is a killer.

It goes without saying that Disturbia was inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece, Rear Window. In fact, Disturbia is such an obvious rip-off, the copyright holders of the short story, It Had to Be Murder, which Rear Window was based on, attempted to sue the film's studio for adapting the plot without their permission.

But just because the film isn't original doesn't mean it's bad. Disturbia has a creepy, tense atmosphere and all the performances are solid. Also, it's one of the few thrillers that doesn't rely on jump-scares. (I didn't even know that was allowed.) The film may devolve into a slasher by the end but not to the point where it's off-putting. Disturbia is certainly not a classic like Rear Window but it's definitely worth a look.

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