10 Lame Characters That Ruined Otherwise Awesome Films

There are few things quite like the frustration you feel as a film fan when an awesome movie is ruined by a tiny, avoidable single factor, and that tends to go doubly when the factor in question is an awful, off-putting character who should have been left on the cutting room floor. Perhaps it's a little strong to use the word 'ruined', but the characters on this list sure made watching the films they star in more painful. Maybe not 'rubbing wasabi into your eyes' painful - more like, 'accidentally chewing on a bit of aluminium foil' painful. Whether they're whiny, inconsequential, bland, or just downright awful, these are the characters who conspire to make an otherwise awesome bit of cinema look like a platinum ring with a plastic gem.

10. Arliss (Old Yeller)

In the words of the immortal Hank Hill: €˜That boy ain€™t right€™. Whilst Will turned out okay, I get the feeling that maybe Katie Coates started hitting the moonshine hard whilst she was pregnant with Arliss, who had just a little less sense than a clump of dirt. I mean, early on in the film he tried to steal a bear cub from a mother bear. Who does that, seriously? Then he gets swindled into having a horny toad as a pet, and tries to free Yeller when Yeller had rabies. The unfortunate little twit was simply insufferable, and his stupidity mars what is otherwise a decent and sentimental film. There's something wrong with Disney's morality when a noble dog dies, but that nitwit lives.

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