10 Lame Movie Heroes It Was Impossible To Root For

Daredevil1 Heroes are people we can look up to. They are role models that bring out the best in us and tend to be the most iconic characters in popular fiction. When executed correctly, a hero's story should be one that the viewer takes with them feeling empathy and fear along with them. This isn't always the way things turn out. Otherwise good films can be ruined by the lack of a strong protagonist as you will see. There are some heroes that can only be described as lame. Whether they have top billing or merely sidekick status they have failed in their task to be enjoyable or useful within the narrative. I'm sure many of you have shouted at the screen due to a character's stupidity and these are the types of offenders I am casting an accusing gaze over. This article is here to shed light on those films whose heroes left a great deal to be desired and this can be down to a number of factors: whether it be the actor, the direction or even the writing. What is certain though is that a narrative which contains a poorly formed or ludicrous hero cannot very easily be enjoyed. Please not that this article contains SPOILERS.

10. Vincent - Silent Hill Revelations

Lh1 The Silent Hill films have tried to stay relatively close to the source material, the first one being a reasonably successful horror film in its own right. Then came Revelations 3D to retroactively undo this achievement by being as terrible as it possibly could be. Luckily, in being bad it is one of those films that are great to watch with a few beers and pretend is intentionally funny. Kit Harrington from HBOs fantasy powerhouse Game of Thrones enters the narrative as Vincent who combines the desirable attributes of leather vests and creepy stalking. Despite being warned repeatedly by her father Harry, played by the one and only Sean Bean, Heather (Adelaide Clemens) follows Vincent to Silent Hill. Shock, horror! We learn that Vincent is the son of the main baddy yet immediately regrets the decision to bring Heather to them. We now switch to Vincent's secondary attributes which are apologizing and cowering, despite seeming desperate to put out a macho image with his Arthur Fonzarelli costume. Although Vincent does sort of save Heather from the creepy nurses his big to prove that he is indeed heroic comes right at the end of the film. What great feat of bravery is this? He stands up to his mother. I appreciate that Silent Hill needs to show off the trademark monsters being spooky and that they inexplicably thought a Pyramid Head sword battle would be an appropriate climax but why cast Jon Snow if you're not going to give him a chance to save the day.

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