10 Leading Actors Whose Careers Never Took Off

9. Mark Hamill

Star Wars Mark Hamill Mark Hamill's career was of course made by his appearing as protagonist Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars franchise, and though it wouldn't be fair to say that he's done nothing since, his cinematic CV is, to be kind, pretty bleak. Starring in a fleet of mostly inconsequential films in the wake of Star Wars, Hamill eventually made a name for himself as one of the industry's most prolific voice-over artists, earning massive acclaim for his brilliant performance as The Joker in a multitude of animated movies and TV shows, as well as some video games. So yes, it's not so much that Hamill hasn't had a storied, solid career, it's just that it didn't end up being in the world of cinema. Still, one has to wonder why the offers didn't come flooding in after Star Wars; perhaps he only received scripts casting him in sci-fi, and he resented this? Or maybe producers realised that, as a live-action actor, the Star Wars films succeeded more in spite of him than because of him (the guy can voice a mean Joker, but his line readings in Lucas' franchise are hardly stellar now, are they?).
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