10 Legendary Filmmakers With Several Movies Rated 100% On Rotten Tomatoes

Which director do you think will come out on top with the most 100% rated movies?

For anyone involved in a film's production it is bound to be a point of pride to find their movie sitting on Rotten Tomatoes with a 100% approval rating. While the aggregate review website certainly has its algorithmic flaws, on the whole it's a reliable measure of critical approval and 100% is as fresh a certification as you could hope for. If one 100% rated movie must be something of a thrill, the delight in having more than one film rated this highly must be immense. It could be said to be a measure of true cinematic greatness, and a quick glance over the filmmakers who have earned more than one 100% approval rating for their films certainly seems to bear this out. It should be acknowledged that the movies from the legendary filmmakers who fall into this category are often based on retrospective reviews rather than reviews from the time of their release, so there is without a doubt an element of bias in the sense that these films have been reappraised after the passage of time. For this very reason, there are few filmmakers currently working who have anywhere near as many films rated 100% - Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese are just two examples of incredible filmmakers who have yet to direct a movie with a sustained 100% approval, which clearly suggests that the rating system is far from perfect. The following list takes a look at ten legendary filmmakers with several films considered "perfect" - read on to discover how many movies they made which proudly boast a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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