10 Lessons Comic Book Movies Can Learn From Guardians Of The Galaxy

Or how to stop making bland comic book movies.

If you haven't been living under a rock you may have noticed that comic book films are big business. With 2000's X-Men kickstarting the modern superhero film revolution, what were once cheesy tales of men in tights have now become some of Hollywood's biggest blockbusters, and their overwhelming success has earned these new superheroes countless adoring fans around the globe. But yet, no matter how much the internet splurges over the latest Marvel Studios release, the truth is that a lot of recent comic book adaptations have been pretty formulaic. Luckily, just as Marvel fatigue was starting to set in, James Gunn's brilliantly written and directed sci-fi flick gave the genre the supercharge it badly needed, proving that comic based films could be self-aware, expertly paced and - most importantly - a shed load of fun. So what can the film industry learn from Guardians Of The Galaxy? It turns out, quite a lot, given how much the summer blockbuster got right, and if these ten pillars of awesome film-making are followed hopefully the movie going public will never have to endure another Ghost Rider or Iron Man 2.

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