10 Little Known Superheroes That Would Make Marvel Millions

9. New Warriors

new warriors
Marvel Comics

The New Warriors are a superhero team of younger characters. Much in the way that the New Mutants were a Junior X-Men, The New Warriors are a sort of Junior Avengers. The team is created by hero Night Thrasher as a way to help him fight a war on crime. The lineup changes over time, but their mission remains the same.

The most interesting thing about a potential New Warriors movies is the role that the team plays in the comics version of Civil War. The team is allowing a film crew to record their adventures. Perhaps allowing this attention to get the better of their good judgment, the team decides to engage a crew of super villains who are hiding out in a house in Stamford, CT.

During the battle, the villain Nitro releases his power with a huge explosion. This explosion kills 612 people in Stamford, along with most of the New Warriors and presumably some of Nitro's fellow villains. It is this event in Stamford that sparks the Superhero Registration Act. This is the beginning of what becomes Marvel's Civil War.

We know that the film Captain America: Civil War didn't include but it could make for an interesting Civil War prequel in Phase IV of the MCU.

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