10 Low Budget Films That Reached Number One At The Box Office

Saw proved you don't need big bucks to be successful...


The concept of low budget films is a precarious one, with productions costing millions still considered small, especially when compared to the hulking juggernauts of Hollywood’s latest and greatest. But even amongst these underdogs of the cinematic world, micro budgets and indie films can hold their own against more pricey competition.

A huge price tag doesn’t necessarily guarantee huge returns. Likewise, films made on the relatively cheap still have the potential to smash the box office and net a significant return on investment.

In some rare and stand out cases, low budget films manage to surpass all their competition. Whether for their opening day, a weekend or even longer, a low budget success can still reach the pinnacle of popularity that is the number one spot at the box office.


10. Get Out (2017)


Jordan Peele’s revered directorial debut is a nuanced, multi-layered story that defied the horror genre to which it aspired, resulting in a fantastically crafted, not to mention Academy Award-Winning, film.

Though the highest budget on this list, the fact that this film was produced for the low cost of $4,500,000 is not to be understated. It is an incredible piece of low-budget cinema which maintained a distinct relevance in popular culture throughout its year of release.

The shattering impact clearly showed in ticket sails, with Get Out grossing $33,377,060 during its opening and maintaining the number one spot at the domestic box office for seven consecutive days. It climbed to the top of the box office on February 25th 2017 and remained there until March 2nd 2017.

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