10 Low-Key Amazing Performances In Movies

Sometimes less is more.

Men in Black 3 Young K Josh Brolin
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Acting is really hard - who knew?

Convincingly portraying an entirely separate person whilst also remembering lines, adjusting to costumes, and trying not to trip over the set is an extremely challenging profession.

Thank the heavens that there are enough talented people out there mad enough to put themselves through it for our entertainment.

It's sad, then, that there are so many great acting performances that go unnoticed by the masses.

Whether they were lost in the shuffle of a larger cast, going up against a more famous performance, or just too subtle for some people to pick up on, so many great turns on screen have been lost to the mysteries of time.

But not anymore!

We've gathered up ten of the most overlooked, undervalued, and underrepresented acting performances we could lay our hands on in an attempt to shine a spotlight on the brave souls involved.

There are a lot of famous faces on this list, but some of these actors continue to be ignored by a vast majority of film fans. Next time you spot them in a movie, just spare a thought for how good they actually are.

10. Ken Stott - The Hobbit Trilogy

Men in Black 3 Young K Josh Brolin
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It's safe to say that Peter Jackson's Hobbit movies are not everyone's favourites.

As soon as it was announced that a 310-page book was going to be stretched out over a trio of three-hour-long movies, fans suspected that these films were going to be more about raking in the cash than paying a loving homage to Tolkein's first novel.

Spoiler - they were right.

Still, that doesn't mean there isn't a lot to like about the movies, in particular the performance of veteran Scottish actor Ken Stott as Balin.

One of the company of dwarves, Balin is portrayed as the oldest and wisest member of the gang. His soft tones and luscious beard are the perfect counter to Thorin's youthful arrogance, as he attempts to keep the hot-headed prince in line.

In the crazy world of dragons, orcs, and magical gems, Stott is an extremely calming presence and helps guide Bilbo (and the audience) through the story.

He might not have a giant bow and arrow or be able to breathe fire, but Balin is a very welcome addition to the most over-stuffed film trilogy of all time.


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