10 Major Concerns About Upcoming Movies

Will Godzilla vs. Kong end in a no contest?

The Matrix 4
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The future cinematic landscape may be a little uncertain at present, though it's a simple fact that dozens of highly anticipated films are basically done and awaiting release over the course of the next year-or-so (hopefully, anyway).

While the extended wait between shooting and release has allowed fans more time to rustle up ridiculous fan theories for some of the biggest upcoming movies, it's also allowed them to consider what issues might lie ahead.

As Wonder Woman 1984 proved recently, not every hugely hyped blockbuster will deliver the goods, and it's usually smart to keep your expectations in check if something doesn't feel right.

These 10 films, though absolutely among the most exciting and potential-rich films of the next year, all arrive with concerns which could certainly sour the experience.

From potential twists nobody asked for to strange deviations from the source material, dramatic cop-outs, lazy sequel-bait endings, and everything in-between, these are the things these movies will hopefully avoid - but they just might not.

No matter how excited you might be about these films, keep in mind the possibility that they might be more flawed than you're hoping for...

10. Natasha Might Come Back From The Dead - Black Widow

The Matrix 4
Marvel Studios

Black Widow is set to be the first MCU movie released in the better part of two years, and if the film's marketing can be believed, it's a prequel intended to give Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) a final send-off following her demise in Avengers: Endgame.

As much as fans are speculating on the identity of Taskmaster, who the real villain might be, and what role Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) will play, there's one maddening question above all others - will Natasha be resurrected by film's end?

Though many suspect that Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh) may end up taking over the Black Widow role in future MCU movies, it's also been rumoured that the film will conclude by somehow bringing Natasha back to life in the present day.

While it'd certainly please some fans, for others it'd only reinforce the MCU's nagging stakes problem, that when death has no finality and means so little, it's tough to ever care when a major character "dies."

Given that the deaths of Natasha and Tony Stark are among the MCU's few that felt truly concrete, hopefully Kevin Feige and co. will have the good sense to keep them dead, and only bring them back through sparing use of flashbacks.

If the movie does indeed end with Natasha alive and well, though, expect plenty of pushback from the fanbase.


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