10 Major Horror Movie Reveals That Should Have Come At The Beginning

Reveals that were WAY too late....

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Movie twists are always fun elements that can spice up a movie, just ask directors like M. Night Shyamalan, who love using this time and time again. And while the term has been overused lately, subverting expectations can be such an entertaining experience and can turn a good movie a great one.

However, there are times when twists might have been better had they been revealed earlier on. These instances are comprised of two reasons.

The first is a late-movie twist, such as a newly introduced plot point or character, that make the end of the film feel jarring. This means these elements might be better off introduced early so as to not feel undercooked.

The other reason is that the revelation might be too obvious. Some films telegraph their stories with foreshadowing too much that, when the twist arrives, it becomes a no-brainer for audiences. If the twist is too obvious, then it's better to have been revealed earlier than later.

Keep note, there will be spoilers inbound as these entries will consist of major story elements from their respective movies.

10. Corey As The Shape - Halloween Ends

The Village Ivy Bryce Dallas Howard

Halloween Ends attempted to bring new concepts to the series, such as the idea of evil passing through people. The problem is that these ideas, while fine on their own, were introduced in the concluding chapter of the trilogy and were not teased in the marketing at all.

Those who've seen the film all know Corey Cunningham, the babysitter that becomes vilified in Haddonfield after accidentally killing a young boy. He later encounters Michael Myers in the sewers and takes over the mantle, even stealing the mask from The Shape later on. The surprise of many is that Corey essentially becomes the main antagonist for most of the film.

To alleviate the audience's disappointment, Corey should have been introduced earlier, not in the movie itself but rather at the beginning of David Gordon Green's trilogy. By appearing in Halloween (2018), the character would have been more well established by the time he becomes the villain in Halloween Ends.

Without this, it is no surprise why many were baffled at the decision of introducing a new focal character when they were promised the final confrontation between Michael Myers and Laurie Strode.


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