10 Major Plot Holes You Probably Missed

10. Star Wars: Episodes IV-VI

The Hole: Stormtrooper Armour Is Basically Pointless

Considering how notoriously irate they got at every problem with the Prequel trilogy, it's surprising that fans didn't make more of a deal of the fact that the heavy-duty looking armour worn by the Empire's army of Stormtroopers might as well have been made of cheap, chafing plastic. We marvelled at the films, heralding George Lucas' creation as the best sci-fi opera ever brought to screen, ignoring the fact that the armour left the troopers exposed to every level of weaponry from blaster fire to Ewok-thrown rocks.

So what exactly was the point in wearing it? Were those military uniforms merely an expression of fashion? Were the troopers playing dress-up simply to make Darth Vader feel better about being the only one who had to wear a galactic gimp-suit? Either way, it seems like a monumental waste of Imperial resources to clothe an entire army in outfits unfit for service - but then who cares when there's bigger fish to fry like Jar-Jar Binks.

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