10 Marvel Cinematic Universe Villains Who Need To Make A Comeback

It's time for evil to shine.

Given the unadulterated success the entire institution has had, you'd be forgiven for thinking all was rosey in the garden of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But, when it comes to villains, the franchise has a problem. While it has its share of fantastic evildoers - Loki, Kilgrave, Wilson Fisk, and even Grant Ward - most of the on-screen evil-doers have been eradicated in their first appearance - killed off, never to return again. However, in some cases, villains have been incarcerated or left with ambiguous fates, armed with the possibility to return yet left on the proverbial shelf collecting dust as the years have gone by. With so few recurring antagonists populating the MCU, it's time for the franchise to take another page from the comics in bringing back such sidelined faces who haven't quite had their potential fully tapped. From squaring off with Avengers on the big screen to scuffling with the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on the small screen, these are characters who have been MIA for one reason or another. But, with the right setting, could logically reappear if called upon. Bearing in mind this article contains spoilers for some of the MCU's various films and shows, let's take a look at 10 villains who deserve to make a comeback...


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