10 MCU Movies Blatantly Inspired By Other Movies

There's nothing wrong with inspiration, but some MCU movies could stand to be more subtle about it.


All films take cues from other films. It's just how things are done, and there's no shame in that. Art exists partly to inspire other artists, and imitation is the highest form of flattery. However, there's such a thing as subtlety, especially when it comes to the films that inspire yours. And the MCU doesn't do subtlety very well at the best of times.

Whether it's tone, setting, aesthetic, or outright ripping off story beats, several MCU movies have taken blatant inspiration from single, or even multiple movies to build their narratives and identities.

In some cases, one could argue that the inspiration is purely surface level, with the actual meat of the story being all its own. But other times you just need to call it out - not because it makes the film worse - but because you can't help but notice it, and the film could definitely have been more subtle about it.

These ten MCU movies took inspiration from other movies, but wore that fact just a bit too much on its sleeve.


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