10 Mediocre Movies Made Awesome By Their Twist

10. Book Of Eli - The Blind Leading The Blind

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When the last copy of a book becomes a coveted prize for literature nerds and raging tyrants alike, one man intends to protect it at all costs. Eli travels across the deserts of Earth after the apocalypse has struck, being instructed by a divine force to head west to safety whilst carrying the final written copy of the Bible - intending to give it to those that would do good.

Of course, it's not quite that easy, as along the way he's hounded by a man that wants it for power over the meagre townships that have been rebuilt in the wake of nuclear war, Carnegie.

Whilst Eli makes it to the promised land, Carnegie manages to steal his Bible copy - only to find out it's written in braille, and Eli is a blind man that has been seemingly supernaturally protected as he endeavours on his journey. Considering he's been drop kicking the sh*t out of any and everyone that gets in his way, it's a particularly impressive feat - and a surprise that lends itself to seeing all the sound-cues and clues to his condition along the course of his journey.

Without this gratifying moment at the end, The Book of Eli wouldn't be half the movie it is.

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