10 Method Actors Who Might Actually Be Insane

4. Chloe Sevigny

Chloe Sevigny starred opposite Hilary Swank in the aforementioned film, and received a high level of praise for the role. Best known these days for her work with Bill Paxton on Big Love, there was considerable controversy around a decade ago when she starred in Vincent Gallo's insufferable vanity project The Brown Bunny. Gallo, who has a shady reputation in Hollywood as a sleaze and an ego-maniac, somehow convinced Sevigny that his vision was worth having her dignity dragged through the mud. In one late-day scene, she administers un-simulated oral sex on Gallo, which amid the maelstrom of controversy caused her to lose her agency contract and basically have to start again. Audiences and critics were firmly divided about whether the act was one of female emancipation, misogyny, or just glorified pornography, but it made clear one thing; Sevigny will go to the most authentic lengths to take one for the team, apparently in the name of her art.
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