10 Method Actors Who Went Unnecessarily Extreme For Movie Roles

How extreme is it acceptable for actors to go before they are scrutinized, instead of idealized?

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We see them everyday: in headlines, on the news, in commercials, on talk shows, in movie trailers, and of course, within the films themselves. The life of an actor is the most public of careers within the film industry, due to their constant presence in front of the camera. And while all of them have at least some degree of talent, it takes a really great actor to go that extra mile.

These are the method actors: the ones that stay within character for the length of a film, who lose or gain incredible amounts of weight in order to better fit a role, and who, at times, turn their entire life into just another piece of their movies.

Method acting is not a priority for all actors working today. The reason for this is because of the sheer devotion that it takes to get into character. There are some actors that will spend weeks, months, or even years to prepare for a role somewhere down the line. It's hard to believe that these people have the energy, or even the time to have a personal life, considering the lengths that they go for their career.

But how far is too far? How extreme is it acceptable for actors to go before they are scrutinized, instead of idealized?

This article covers those actors that might have gone just a little too extreme for their roles; to the point where they may have tarnished their career, made questionable choices, or even jeopardized their health, due to massive weight gains, losses, or other factors. And while some of them have even won awards for their performances, it's hard to say whether all that trouble was worth it.


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