10 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About Freddy Krueger

From novelty albums to rooming with Luke Skywalker, it's been a wild ride...

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Arguably the greatest creation to come from the twisted mind of Last House on the Left helmer/ horror king Wes Craven, the inimitable slasher Freddy Krueger is in a league of his own amongst the genre’s most loved antagonists.

Funnier than Jason’s stoic stony silence, scarier than Chucky’s diminutive delinquency, and able to stand shoulder to broad shoulder with the OG slasher Michael Myers in terms of both body count and sheer evil, Freddy also has one secret weapon none of the genre’s most beloved villains can hope to contend with.

No it’s not the razor glove—though that did give his actor a nasty cut the first time he tried it on.

No, Freddy’s talent is scaring us in our dreams, the one refuge where we’re usually safe from the fears that linger throughout waking life. Taking the sanctified safety of sleep and tossing it into a proverbial meat grinder, Freddy left generations of caffeine addled teens unable to get a wink of shut-eye without worrying about the crispy fried ghoul and his murderous plans.

But how much do you really know about Springwood’s resident slasher?

We’ve collected the mind blowing facts that may change the way you look at Fredward and his iconic jersey, since even the scariest villain is less frightening when he collaborates with the Fresh Prince.

10. He’s Appeared On The Godlbergs

Freddy Krueger Album

This one may come as a surprise to hard core horror fans and gore hounds, but the original Freddy has actually reprised the iconic role in the years since his last cinematic appearance as the villain in 2003’s long awaited face-off flick, Ronny Yu’s Freddy Vs Jason.

Well, it was in an episode of NBC family sitcom The Goldbergs, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Yes, after a lengthy decade and a half out of his iconic costume, Robert England returned to the role of Freddy for one night only in October 2018 when he arrived into the life of TV’s Adam Goldberg and his overprotective mom Beverly in order to scare the poor comedy protagonists silly for the annual Halloween special. Mr Knifey Hands, as the episode names him, pokes fun at his terrifying image with an impromptu therapy session the sees him claim “I never knew any of my fathers and I turned out fine”.

It’s a fun cameo and a light-hearted treat for fans of the franchise and this nostalgic series alike, though here’s hoping it’s not the last we see of Englund in the role.


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