10 Mind Blowing Facts You Never Knew About The Lord Of The Rings

10. Christopher Lee Is The Only Cast Member To Have Actually Met Tolkien

Warner Bros. Pictures

Being one of the most storied men in Hollywood, it makes sense that if anyone who was in this trilogy would have met Tolkien, it would be Christopher Lee.

Although you would think that their meeting would be a bit more interesting than it ended up being. Lee just happened to visit one of Tolkien's favorite haunts, a bar in Oxford known as the Eagle And Child. Being a super fan of the novels, you can imagine he was quite in awe of one of his personal heroes just kinda sitting down to have a drink.

Fortunately, Christopher Lee was very polite about it, which is more than we could say about most people in a situation like this. He simply walked up to Tolkien, asked him how his day went, and then the two went about their day.

Granted, when you're the only person in the entire LOTR cast that can definitively declare that he met one of the greatest literary masters in modern history, the length of the conversation you have is kinda irrelevant.


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