10 Mind-Numbingly Stupid Lines Of Dialogue From Man of Steel

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If you€™re reading this, it€™s pretty safe to assume that you€™ve seen Man of Steel. There's also a good chance that you were disappointed. I know I was. Hell, just a few months ago I put this film at the top of my list of most anticipated superhero blockbusters for the year€how embarrassing.

Yes, I believe Man of Steel was nothing more than a reheated turd with a very shiny coat of polish. Of course, I€™m aware that there are plenty of people out there who, for whatever reason, did enjoy the film. So I€™ll take a moment to warn you that my severe bitterness about it will sting throughout this article. If you can€™t handle me insulting Man of Steel, you probably shouldn€™t read on.

You see the only thing I€™ve found more embarrassing than admitting I was fooled by the special effects laden trailers that preceded this reboot was actually listening to the characters in this movie speak. The dialogue is bad. And not just Daredevil bad, but Batman & Robin bad. The movie might look incredible on the surface, but it stinks of laziness underneath. David S. Goyer and, shockingly, Chris Nolan just didn€™t deliver on this screenplay. So I€™ve compiled a list of the ten lines of dialogue in this film that most irritated me in the cinema. Here they are in all their embarrassing glory, like something out of an over-produced b-movie. Needless to say, spoilers will follow.

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