10 Minor Characters Who Would've Broken Star Wars

Some characters have a bigger role in the saga than you ever realised...

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The Star Wars Universe is filled to the brim with heroes and villains.

Whether they're remembered for destroying colossal weapons of mass destruction or for using those weapons to extinguish billions of lives in the push of a button, one thing is for certain: the series' major players aren't in any danger of being forgotten any time soon.

The thing is, the galaxy far, far away is filled with countless other characters, most of which are seemingly insignificant - something that can likely be attributed to their lack of screen time (although who knows, maybe Chancellor Valorum also did something to upset the bigwigs at Lucasfilm, resulting in his part in the saga being cut short).

The simple fact of the matter is this: the Star Wars franchise tells such a huge, galaxy spanning story that it's no surprise a few minor players slipped through the cracks. However, that doesn't mean that some of these lesser known names shouldn't get the recognition they deserve.

So, for good or bad, let's take a look at some of those characters; the ones who were there, shifting the narrative, nudging our heroes (or our villains) along, still somehow flying in way under the radar.

10. Mas Amedda

Biggs Star Wars

Mas Amedda is possibly better known as that slimy blue guy that's always standing beside Palpatine, occasionally throwing in a little exposition, but mostly just looking a little sinister as he lurks in the background.

Mas Amedda's importance might be fairly self-explanatory. The Chagrian politician was the Senator/Chancellor/Emperor's right hand man from the very beginning of the Skywalker saga, serving and advising him faithfully until the aftermath of The Return of the Jedi, when he signed the Galactic Accord, dissolving the Empire and allowing the New Republic to rise.

Exactly how could he have broken Star Wars, you might ask?

Well, he was the one who suggested giving Chancellor Palpatine emergency powers during the Separatist Crisis, which, while most likely at Palpatine's behest, went a long way towards securing the future Emperor's power in the last days of the Galactic Republic.

There's also the matter of Amedda's actions after the fall of the Empire to consider: reputation as a spineless bureaucrat aside, if Amedda had attempted to rally the Empire's remaining scattered forces instead of surrendering to the Rebels, the sequels might have looked a whole lot different.

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