10 Minor Film Characters Whose Lives Were Probably Ruined Forever

Chances are you failed to consider the terrible fates of these poor folk once they disappeared from the movie.

"Spare a thought for the little guy." If that's not a well-known phrase, then it should really be. As frequent movie-goers, we've been conditioned to think mostly about the fate of the main protagonists - the hero that drives the narrative from start to finish; the character who has been designed to either relate or appeal to us (or both). It's not our fault, it's just the way things work. That doesn't mean we can't get emotionally invested in other characters, of course - far from it. But the simple fact remains: by the time the credits are rolling and the protagonist and his hot new girlfriend are going off into the sunset, it's easy to just forget about the little guys... you know, the minor characters who found themselves wrapped up in the story for a short time. And when you start to consider that a lot of these minor movie characters probably didn't even want to be a part of the story in the first place, the lines get a little blurred. What if their having got involved - even for the briefest moment - actually led them down a path of ruin and sadness off-screen, and we've been too focused on the man players to have paid attention to all the signs? Join us, then, as we probe this tiny facet of cinematic endeavour: 10 Minor Movie Characters Whose Lives Were Probably Ruined Forever...

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