10 Misleading Movie Trailers That Totally Fooled You

9. Bridge To Terabithia - Incredible Fantasy Land Turns Out To Be A Figment Of Imagination

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The trailer for Bridge To Terabithia seemed to present to its watchers an American version of the famous British series The Chronicles of Narnia. That movie was a huge success, and it seems the creators of Bridge To Terabithia wanted to replicate this. However, the novel that BTT was based on was dramatically different to the Narnia series. The fantasy elements of Narnia are the central focus, and the fantastical world of Narnia and the magical creatures that live there are the bones of the story. But Bridge To Terabithia is a deeply emotional story about familial relationships and loss, and about the need for escapism when the real world is too dark and lonely.

But instead of advertising the beautiful plot, the people behind the movie and the creators of the trailer decided that the best way to draw audiences in was to shove all fantastical elements from the film into a two minute advertisement for a movie that did not exist.

All the fantastic creatures like giants and fairies were all just figments of the main character's imagination, but no one would get that impression watching the trailer. So families with small children arrived at the cinema in droves, only to be traumatised when the true, devastating nature of the movie was revealed.


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