10 More "Everything You Know Is A Lie" Moments In Movies

When the penny drops in totally mind-blowing fashion... again.

Ex Machina
Universal Pictures

There's nothing quite like having your entire world turned upside down during a big-screen experience.

For much of the time leading up to that point of no return, there were likely a few easily missed hints at things perhaps not being quite what they seem. But that still couldn't prepare fans, or the central characters themselves, for an eventual revelation that didn't just leave them with their jaws clanging off the ground, but made them question everything they thought they knew up to that point.

And said life/world-changing reveals don't always wait until the closing stages of a feature to blow your mind to smithereens either, with some of the following entries suddenly opting to drop a hell of a bombshell mid-way through the runtime.

Either way, though, the end result was still the same: truths you once assumed were proven to be complete and utter lies.

The truth behind precisely how certain important characters bit the dust, the real reason a super intelligent robot bonded with a lonely human, and many more unanticipated movie revelations all soon made audiences realise there was more to the following features than initially met the eye.


10. Quentin Beck's Heroism Is All An Illusion - Spider-Man: Far From Home

Ex Machina
Marvel Studios

Despite Quentin Beck very much being a fish-bowl-headed thorn in the side of Spidey in everything from animated TV shows, to video games over the years, there was always a chance the MCU would simply opt to take the character in a different direction altogether in Far From Home.

Those chances then hilariously evaporated mid-way through the Spider-sequel.

After seemingly taking down a bunch of Elemental beings on Earth, this bloke from another corner of the newly introduced multiverse is recruited by Nick Fury and Maria Hill before eventually joining forces with an E.D.I.T.H.-boasting Peter Parker.

But Parker eventually deciding that Beck was more worthy of the all-powerful artificial intelligence kit than him, and passing on said powerful spectacles, suddenly brought with it the reveal that this affable hero was anything but.

In a masterfully performed swerve, Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio quickly shifts from friendly Spider-pal to bitter former Stark Industries employee after Parker's exit.

He's then seen celebrating with his fellow scheming one-time Team Stark members, as its revealed that his apparent Elemental victories, and even the location of his recent conversation with Parker, were all made possible thanks to advanced projectors creating this virtual lie.

And with Beck ultimately combining his supreme holograms with E.D.I.T.H.'s orbital weaponised drones in his quest to present himself as Earth's new mightiest hero, ol' Web-head's world was never the same...


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