10 More Actors Who Took Method Acting Way Too Far

In the words of Laurence Olivier: "Why don't you just try acting?"

Jamie Dornan The Fall
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Method acting has become a big topic in recent years, with some actors widely against it, and others using it to improve their performances.

Most of the time method acting is relatively tame - refusing to break character between takes, things like that - however, there are instances where some actors take it to extreme levels.

Driven by their unwavering commitment to their respective roles, these actors pushed themselves to dangerous and often controversial extremes, from physical transformations to psychological turmoil.

There are plenty of Hollywood giants who have pushed their bodies to the limit, pulled out their own teeth, terrorised cast and crew members, and much, much more.

On the plus side, method acting often pays off with an incredible performance on screen, likely leaving audiences asking "Was it all worth it?"

We've already covered ten stories of actors who took method acting too far in the video below, so let's explore ten more, covering the risks they undertook and the impact it had on their lives and the films they were a part of.

10. Ashton Kutcher - Jobs

Jamie Dornan The Fall
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Ashton Kutcher played Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in the 2013 biographical film Jobs.

Jobs followed the early days of Steve Jobs as he developed the first Apple computer with Steve Wozniak, creating one of the most significant technological breakthroughs in recent history.

To prepare for the title role, Ashton Kutcher spent many hours researching Jobs' life, and even found himself in the hospital with pancreatitis after trying to mimic his unusual diet.

Jobs famously experimented with a fruitarian diet, with Kutcher stating that Jobs was interested in the "healing properties" of fruit, and that he also drank a lot of carrot juice. Kutcher would drink carrot juice nonstop, until he felt a shooting pain in his back one day, and had to be sent to hospital.

“My pancreas was like crazy out of whack. Then I’m getting freaked out like, ‘Oh my god I’ve become Steve Jobs,’” the actor said.

Kutcher's wife Mila Kunis disagreed with the method acting her husband was trying, which, considering those health issues, is completely understandable.


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