10 More Actors Who Visibly Hated These Movie Roles

These actors forgot to, you know, act.

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For many, being a famous actor in film and television is the ultimate dream.

Glamorous parties, huge premieres, more money than you could ever imagine. For those outside of the acting bubble, it doesn't get much better.

However, it's important to remember that, for those who do it day in and day out, it can be just a job. Acting is legitimately how some people pay the bills and, like all of us, you have your good days at work and your bad days.

The only difference is people don't usually go out on a Friday night to watch a PR manager hate their job.

One of the pitfalls of hating a movie shoot is that there is a chance millions of people could pay to watch you have an absolutely dreadful time. Most actors are pretty good at hiding their frustrations, but others, well, they end up on lists like these.

The ten stars we're about to talk to really hated their roles in these movies. Some have confirmed as much in interviews, but they needn't have bothered really. We could all tell from the looks on their faces.

10. Jeremy Irons - Dungeons & Dragons

Twilight Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart
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Fans of the popular tabletop RPG Dungeons & Dragons will be crossing everything they've got that the new Honor Among Thieves movie will be good, because Lord knows they're owed a decent movie.

One particularly disastrous big screen adaptation of the game came out in 2000 and starred acclaimed actor Jeremy Irons among others.

Irons played Profion, a member of the Council of Mages. He's the film's main villain, as he and his group attempt to steal a sceptre that will give them the power to do... something.

Look, it's hard to pay attention when the movie is this rubbish, alright?

Someone who clearly agreed that the movie wasn't worth his time was Irons himself. The actor is clearly checked out in all of his scenes, drawing on his natural ability to phone in a half-assed performance.

Dungeons & Dragons is not often talked about in conjuncture with Irons' lengthy career, possibly because he looked like he'd rather be anywhere else than on set.

Perhaps he knew that the film was going to be a flop - although you didn't need to be a wizard to see that coming.


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