10 More Amazing Trailers That Tricked You Into Seeing Terrible Horror Movies

Just watch the trailer and pretend you saw a better movie.

Spiral from the book of Saw trailer

Even though the movie industry is designed to entertain, it's a business at the end of the day. As such, studios will do everything they can to sell their products. When the powers-that-be know they have a bonafide turkey on their hands, they still need to promote it like it's a showstopper. This is why many moviegoers are fooled time and time again into watching an absolute dud after being won over by its awesome trailer.

This strategy seems particularly effective when it comes to the horror genre. Rather than dwelling on the laughable dialogue or atrocious acting, the two-minute teasers tend to focus on the chilling atmosphere and the intriguing plot.

Deep down, moviegoers know they shouldn't be conned by trailers, commercials, and TV spots, especially when every review under the sun says the film in question is irredeemably awful.

But as we've established in our previous list, masterful marketing can lure audiences to the theatre like moths to flame, regardless of the feature's quality. Despite the fact the trailers promised the world, the only thing these ten horror films offered was disappointment.

10. The Gallows

Spiral from the book of Saw trailer
Warner Bros.

The Gallows centres around a student called Charlie who was accidentally hanged to death during a school play. Although the show was intended to be reenacted to commemorate Charlie, several students break into the theatre to dismantle the set. After witnessing several paranormal occurrences, the group suspect Charlie's spirit is among them.

The Gallows' trailer does what every trailer should do. It summarises the plot concisely, offers some disturbing imagery, and throws in a few jump-scares for good measure.

Contrary to how it was advertised, The Gallows is a creatively bankrupt mess. The story is set up so the ensemble are being haunted by Charlie's ghost. In the end, it's revealed... that's exactly what's happening, making the big reveal unbearably anticlimactic. There are a few little twists, but it's tough to get invested, thanks to the derivative plot and the one-dimensional characters.

Also, it feels like the creators used the found-footage style to justify the amateur filmmaking. The excessive shaky-cam is likely to leave certain viewers feeling nauseous. Some scenes are shot so poorly, it's difficult to tell what's going on half the time.

The Gallows may only be 81 minutes long, but it's a slog to get through.

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