10 More Awesome Sci-Fi Villains Wasted In Terrible Movies

9. Senator Aaron McComb - Timecop

Flash gordon Ming

Timecop is set in a future where criminals use time-travel to commit crimes. Jean Claude Van Damme plays Max Walker, a federal agent assigned to stop criminals from manipulating the timestream to their advantage.

For the longest time, Timecop was hailed as JCVD's greatest film. But because of the Belgian martial artist's track record, that's not saying much. Despite the intriguing premise, Timecop is let down by cheesy one-liners, bad fighting, and incomprehensible dialogue.

Having said that, the main villain is a whole lot of fun. Aaron McComb is an egomaniacal senator who intends to use time-travel to wipe his enemies from the past, allowing his younger self to become president.

Ron Silver doesn't play the role like a regular baddie; he plays McComb like a supervillain. This guy is so evil, he kills an innocent woman and then goes back in time to try and kill her again! He's so menacing, he argues with his past self for not "laying off the candy bars". It's also entertaining watching Silver play the younger McComb as a wimp and the present McComb as an uncompromisable monster in the same scene.


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