10 More Best Horror Movies About Hell

9. Highway To Hell


This film features Ben Stiller playing Atilla the Hun and Gilbert Gottfried playing Hitler. Do you really need any more information than that? 

Highway to Hell from 1991 is as schlocky and low-rent as you can get. Chad Lowe and Rachel Clark play Charlie and Rachel, a young couple very much in love until Rachel is kidnapped by one of Satan’s minions. Upon learning that his beloved is to be married to the Devil in a dark ceremony, Charlie must venture into Hell itself to get her back. 

If that doesn’t sound like a good time, then what does? 

Charlie’s journey through the Bad Place is a hoot, as he encounters various demonic foes - including Cerberus, the baddest of good boys - and various dead people, including the aforementioned Austrian dictator. 

It was never going to bowl anyone over with its special effects, but Highway to Hell is surprisingly well-written for a B movie. That might be because it was penned by Brian Helgeland, who would go on to win the Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar for L.A. Confidential. 

Now that’s a glow-up.

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