10 More Genius Ways Movies Fixed Their Own Mistakes

Daniel Craig's gloves almost cost Skyfall MILLIONS.

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Making even the most simple, low-budget movie is an undeniably gargantuan task, and so when tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars are involved, even the smallest issues can create major production headaches.

With so many moving parts and departments that need to be co-ordinated, mistakes are basically inevitable, and it comes down to a smart, resourceful filmmaker to roll with the punches and do their best to fix these issues where possible.

These 10 films, whether Hollywood classics or critically panned duds, all deserve a measure of credit for taking a potentially problematic aspect of their production and improvising an ingenious solution.

As a result, 99.8% of viewers wouldn't actually notice any of these sneaky fixes, and even those who do will probably have a begrudging respect for the creativity-under-pressure on offer.

Whether remedying an issue on-set with a creative solution or figuring out the finer details in post-production with some digital magic, these films all found smart, surprising, and uncommon means to paper over potentially disastrous production issues...

10. Heath Ledger Licked His Lips To Fix His Facial Prosthetics - The Dark Knight

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In order to play The Joker, Heath Ledger had to don not only grungy facepaint but also prosthetics for the character's ambiguously-received facial scars.

However, this presented an issue during shooting, as due to the prosthetics being glued across Ledger's mouth and lips, they naturally began to become loosened during extended takes where Ledger had to speak.

But ingeniously, Ledger came up with his own novel solution to the problem - to have The Joker frequently lick his lips, which in addition to ensuring the prosthetic stayed glued to his face, looked sublimely creepy.

Considering it's one of the character's most prominent physical tics, in an Oscar-winning performance no less, it's shocking that it was ultimately a practical concern rather than a purely artistic one.


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