10 More Great Teen Horror Movies (No One Ever Talks About)

As if high school wasn't tough enough.

All Cheerleaders Die
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Teen horror is a popular enough genre. You have your heavy hitters which are seemingly loved by all, like Scream, Halloween, and Carrie, and then you have your smaller pictures with cult followings, like It Follows. As if being in high school wasn’t difficult enough, these teens also have to deal with stuff like supernatural beings or serial killers. Terrible for them, but terrific fun for us.

However, not all of these worthy teen horrors get the following they deserve. While there are definitely some entries in the subgenre that feel rushed, soulless, and full of clichés, there are many that stand out from the crowd — or, at least, should’ve, but were unable to. The entries on this list were overlooked or quickly forgotten by the public after their release, with some even being box office bombs.

Thankfully, due to the age we live in now, nearly every flick has the chance to become a cult classic, even if they weren’t very successful during their year of release. If any deserve second shots, it’s these ten great teen horror flicks that no one ever talks about.

10. Cry_Wolf (2005)

All Cheerleaders Die
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A parlor game going terribly wrong is always a great foundation for a horror film — just look at entries like Bodies Bodies Bodies or Ready or Not - however, Cry_Wolf doesn’t seem to be remembered by a lot of people, despite being a great take on the “game going terribly wrong” storyline. Mysterious murders occur when a group of students at a prep school plays a game called Cry Wolf — is the game somehow related to the piling bodies?

While some parts of its story do feel derivative, Cry_Wolf is so well-made that the derivative parts are easy to forgive. Co-writer and director Jeff Wadlow treats you with a thrilling and suspenseful time that’ll have you on the edge of your seat, invested until the very end. There are some great twists here, and no horror fan can resist a twisty story, especially one with sharp plotting and fantastic performances from its ensemble cast.

Dripping in style and atmosphere, Cry_Wolf is 90 minutes of excitement, energy, and pure fun. If you enjoy your horror cinematic experiences with plenty of twists and turns and an unsettling mood, this is one you’ll howl for.


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