10 More Hardest To Watch Horror Movie Moments

Peel your eyes, crack your fingers and try not to lose your lunch when these films bring the pain.

Raw 2016
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Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the living room... We're back with 10 more hardest to watch horror movie moments.

Yes, with so many truly grim horror films out there -- and with more being made all the time -- there are innumerable scenes designed to leave audiences wanting less. And, while many of them get off on one-upping the level of blood and violence of their predecessors, this doesn't mean that every hard to watch moment comes from the bloodiest flicks. The most horrifying scene often requires a nuanced touch.

That's right, some horror films take a more psychological approach, baking our noggins in fear, tension and social anxiety before unleashing the motherload. Whether with a well-timed twist, insinuation or "for the love of god don't do that" moment, some flicks change the very nature of everything we have watched in one pivotal and devastating scene. The name of the game is to send audiences on an early bathroom break, whatever the methods, and these films deliver the goods.

With us already having covered 10 Hardest To Watch Horror Movie Moments, then, here's ten more terrifying, disgusting and outright chilling sequences.

Strap in; this one's going to take steadfast determination and nerves of steel.

10. Finger Lickin' Good - Raw (2016)

Raw 2016
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Julia Ducournau's coming-of-age horror Raw might be one of the best sleeper hits of recent years, lying dormant for the majority of mainstream viewers until her 2021 win at Cannes for her subsequent film Titane shed a little more light on the director's work.

Raw sees lifelong vegetarian Justine (Garance Marillier) enrol at the same veterinary school as her sister, where she is immersed in a world of hazing and partying, and discovers a little more about herself than she might have liked. Unlike most new university students, Justine comes from a long line of insatiable animalistic cannibals, whose hunger for flesh often outstrips their common sense.

While there are many vomit-inducing sequences peppered across Raw's 98-minute runtime, perhaps the most unsettling of all is the finger scene. When Justine's sister Alexia (Ella Rumpf) attempts to give her a bikini wax, a pair of sharp scissors get involved and Alexia's finger faces the consequences.

After saving it from the dog, Justine takes the unconscious Alexia's severed finger to the fridge, but her deeper instincts get the better of her. Tasting that sticky plasma goodness, she gets stuck in, first with a palmful of blood, before prising away some of the stringy bits, and taking it down to the bone. Alexia wakes up to find Justine mid-meal, but by then it's too late.

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