10 More Horror Movie Characters Who Didn't Know They Were The Killer

When the killer was inside them all along.

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A massive proportion of horror films are centered around a masked or otherwise concealed assailant picking off a slew of hapless victims in nauseating fashion, leaving audiences eager to see their identity revealed in a shocking twist at film's end.

But not all killers are quite as calculated, nor do they necessarily know exactly what they're doing, as is absolutely the case with these 10 horror movie murderers, each of whom had no idea they were themselves the killers.

These characters were all typically afflicted by a condition - be it physical or psychological - which prevented them from realising they were the ones responsible for the mounting pile of corpses.

While the unreliable protagonist twist has certainly been grossly overdone throughout the years - both in horror and cinema in general - the fact that these characters all genuinely believed themselves to be an innocent party ensures the reveal landed with bewildering impact.

It's not a twist that can be easily pulled off nowadays, but in the case of these films, it absolutely ensured you wanted to go back and rewatch them right away...

10. Sam Wescott - You Might Be The Killer

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Let's kick things off with a rather tongue-in-cheek example, with the aptly-titled 2018 horror-comedy You Might Be the Killer.

The story kicks off with camp counsellor Sam (Fran Kranz) calling up his horror enthusiast friend Chuck (Alyson Hannigan) for help when a masked murderer begins slaughtering the camp's other counsellors.

Sam curiously suffers blackouts throughout the story, and given that he's also covered in blood, holding the killer's knife, and has possession of their very distinct mask, he and Chuck are forced to come to the inevitable conclusion that he must in fact be the killer himself.

And indeed, Sam is the film's primary killer, albeit through no real fault of his own given that he gets possessed by a cursed mask which is first placed on his head as a seemingly harmless gag by a fellow counselor.

Ultimately Sam leaves a pile of bodies in his wake regardless before eventually being killed at the end by another counselor, Jamie (Jenna Harvey), who also dons the mask.

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