10 MORE Horror Movie Characters Who Made Our Skin Crawl

Looking at the worst of the worst.

The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane
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Because of the dark nature of horror movies, it's no surprise the genre is filled with creepy characters.

But we're not talking about charismatic villains like Pinhead or Freddy Krueger. We're looking at the guys who creep you out because... they're creepy. Whether it's the way they talk or move, there are certain people who give you the heebie-jeebies every moment they're on screen.

Ironically, some of these characters can leave you more unsettled than the main villain. Pennywise is the big bad in IT, and yet, viewers found Beverly's father more disturbing. Hannibal may be the antagonist in Silence of the Lambs, but his doctor is far less likeable.

Bizarrely, a character can make you feel uneasy, even if you can't pinpoint why. Sometimes, every fibre in your being tells you not to trust someone, despite coming across as polite and helpful. Even if a person bares no ill will to anyone, they might have a particular quality that gives you goosebumps.

With us having previously covered 10 Horror Movie Characters Who Made Our Skin Crawl, here are another ten who will likewise chill you to the bone.

10. Dr. Frederick Chilton - The Silence Of The Lambs

The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane
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In The Silence of the Lambs, FBI trainee Clarice Starling is tasked with interviewing the psychopath, Hannibal Lecter, who's imprisoned in Maryland's mental institution. Because of Anthony Hopkins tour-de-force performance, you can't help finding Hannibal charming, despite his nasty habit of cannibalising his victims.

Even though Hannibal is a monster, he's nowhere near as creepy as his facilitator, Dr. Frederick Chilton. Rarely in the history of cinema has there been a character with a more punchable face than this smug weasel. He doesn't seem capable of making a single utterance without licking his lips or flashing a smarmy smile.

Despite the fact he's running a facility for the most dangerous people in the country, he talks about his patients like prized specimens. He relishes the power he has over Hannibal when he speaks to him. He's such a slimeball, he can't speak to Clarice for more than a minute without making a pass at her. Although he pretends to care about helping others, he's noticeably jealous when Clarice makes more progress with Hannibal than his staff.

The climax implies Hannibal will kill Chilton in the foreseeable, but it's still a shame we didn't see the little pipsqueak get his just desserts.


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