10 More Horror Movies That Got Banned From Certain Countries

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Film censorship has been around almost as long as cinema. Since the turn of the 20th century, movies have been restricted or banned if they contained material that was deemed inappropriate, profane, or blasphemous. Since horror is the most likely to harbour obscene or grotesque content, the genre regularly finds itself in the censor board's firing squad.

As seen before in 10 Horror Movies That Got Banned From Certain Countries, there are slashers, paranormal features, and gorefests that have been outlawed in specific countries. Sometimes, these bans are reasonable. If a horror flick deals with a subject matter that's sensitive in particular cultures, a limited release is expected. Due to Australia's zero tolerance for guns, it makes sense their rating system is stricter when it comes to the depiction of gun violence. And let's be honest, nobody was surprised when A Serbian Film was blackballed in Serbia.

Although some of these bans were overturned, there are films which still haven't seen the light of day in various parts of the world, even after the controversial content was cut. For one reason or another, watching these ten movies in certain countries is out of the question.

10. The Last House On The Left - Australia, United Kingdom, United States

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Wes Craven has caused a stir time and time again, with features like Scream, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and The Hills Have Eyes.

However, nothing caused as much outrage as the horror maestro's directorial debut. The Last House on the Left depicted sexual brutality on a level rarely seen in cinema at the time. According to Craven, the story is a commentary on how violence in media is glorified, when it should be condemned. Sadly, a lot of people missed the point, assuming Craven's work was promoting anarchy.

Due to Australia's harsh policies, the movie wasn't available in the land down under until 2004. Even though The Last House on the Left was heavily edited for the US, there were reports of audiences vomiting during screenings, storming out, and threatening to destroy the footage.

The Last House on the Left was released in the UK, but only after explicit scenes were removed. The censorship board redacted this decision several years later, banning it entirely.

Film critic and horror virtuoso Mark Kermode repeatedly presented the movie to the British censors, hoping they would overturn the decision. After being worn down for nearly two decades with multiple appeals, The Last House on the Left was finally released in the UK in 2008.

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