10 More Horror Movies Where The Final Girl Was The Villain

9. Blaire - Unfriended

High Tension

The found footage subgenre has produced numerous notable works from The Blair Witch Project to Paranormal Activity. One of the more modern examples is 2014's Unfriended, which takes place over a Skype call in real-time.

Blaire Lily initially appears to be the film's final girl and is the most sympathetic towards Laura Barns - the ghost that is haunting her and her friends. Blaire is plain, innocent, and the least annoying among her group, but as we later find out, she turns out to be the most guilty.

Unfriended reveals that Laura Barns died by suicide due to a humiliating video that went viral and it is later revealed that Blaire was the one who posted it. Yet despite this, she never takes responsibility for what she did and even throws her boyfriend and friend under the bus to save her skin. Only at the end, after being exposed by Laura online, does Blaire finally apologize - but by then it is already too late.

Unfriended then concludes with Blaire being humiliated online before getting killed by Laura herself.

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