10 More Horror Movies With Seriously Messed Up Endings

Because horror will forever punch you right in the gut.

The Dark and the Wicked
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One of the great things about the horror genre, is that the sheer possibilities and subgenres associated with horror means that a movie is able to rock you to your core and leave you with your jaw agape by the time it wraps up.

Whether that's a twist ending, a left-field death or even opening the door for a sequel, horror is forever capable of leaving a lasting, oft-traumatic affect on a watching audience. And here, a slew of those jarring endings are on the table for this article.

Why the "more" caveat for these surprising horror movie endings? Well, that's because this list is a follow-up of sorts to a previous article looking at an initial ten horror pictures. Horror being horror, though, there are so many more bonkers, bizarre, shocking and sinister movie film endings to explore.

As a heads-up, due to inclusion on that prior list, the movies out of the running this time out are The Descent, Don't Look Now, Eden Lake, The Wicker Man, Sleepaway Camp, Night of the Living Dead, Martyrs, Inside, A Serbian Film, and The Mist.

With all of that in mind, then, here are ten more horror efforts that left audiences feeling hollow by the time their closing credits hit.

10. No Escape

The Dark and the Wicked
Crystal Grooms Mangano

Thanks to the joys of social media and vlogging, more and more people are becoming 'famous' for their online personas and for pushing the envelope when it comes to fresh, unique content.

Written and directed by Will Wernick, last year's No Escape explored the concept of 'YouTube FaMOuZ' brilliantly by throwing the spotlight over Keegan Allen's Cole Turner.

An image-obsessed online celebrity with millions of followers, Cole's speciality is his Escape From Reality show. To mark the tenth anniversary of his channel, Cole take his girlfriend and friends to Russia to explore an escape room.

Being a horror film, the intense terrors of this escape room are actually real, with Moscow mobster Andrei overseeing proceedings. With Cole tied to a chair, he has to witness the torture and death of those closest to him by Andrei.

Once Cole finally manages to escape, he comes face to face with Andrei and beats him to death with his bare hands.

In an awkward moment, Cole's beau and pals resurface with the side-splitting reveal that all of the above was a prank done to celebrate Escape From Reality's ten years. The part not a hoax? Cole's brutal beating of Andrei - with No Escape ending with the grim realisation that Cole Turner has killed a man.


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