10 More Horror Movies You Constantly Have To Defend Loving

Just because it's in space doesn't mean it's bad!

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As a film fan, there are few feelings worse than bragging about a movie you love, only to be met with side eye, judgmental looks, and phrases like, "you don't actually like that kind of thing, do you?"

Entertainment is deeply subjective. As such, it can be hard not to take it personally when someone judges you for your taste in film. It's almost like an attack on you. This happens a lot in the world of horror, as there are some weird-as-hell projects out there that you can't help but love despite how they appear.

Sometimes, movies get a bad reputation for no reason, or at other times, they deserve the attention they get but alienate viewers because of it. No matter the case, these horror flicks require a bit of convincing if you want people to give them a chance.

Even if these films are absolutely great, you'll still find yourself sweating as you struggle to defend them from a tide of judgement.

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10. Teeth (2007)

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Okay, yes, it's a vagina monster. A pair of monstrous teeth inside a vagina. That is a tough barrier to entry to some, and no one will argue that this is any sort of masterpiece of film-making. That said, you've got to respect this bonkers movie for going in on its subject matter.

Teeth follows the story of a young girl who practices abstinence. However, she soon discovers a strange abnormality within her body after facing an act of violence. It turns out she has "vagina dentata," i.e. teeth inside her vagina. Oh boy!

This wild concept lends itself to dark humour, playing about with the strange subject joyfully. But there's also a deep sense of severity to the flick. This heroine's unlikely power gets put to good use against bad people, and you jump for joy whenever she uses her gift to enact karmic justice!

Yes, the idea seems inherently goofy on paper, but the movie does a great job of exploring themes of bodily autonomy, female agency, and more with it.


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