10 More Most UNNERVING Shots In Horror Movies


Invasion of the Body Snatchers
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There are certain tropes that come package and parcel in horror. While watching a slasher, body horror, or zombie flick, the audience is expecting to see jump-scares, grotesque gore, and creative kills.

Though scenes like this can be petrifying in the moment, there's no reason to be freaked out once the credits roll. The big scary monster is an elaborate puppet, the zombies are just actors, and nobody actually stabbed or maimed for real (usually). After all, it's only a movie, right?

However, some filmmakers will not be rest unless their work isn't just creepy, but potentially traumatising. Even if fans haven't seen Bone Tomahawk, Saw, or Predator in a long time, there's one key scene in each film that's sure to leave them in a cold sweat if they gave it a moment's thought. Despite the fact these shots only lasted a second or a few frames, they managed to unnerve viewers for years on end.

Although this topic has been covered in the past, it wasn't remotely challenging to find ten more shots in horror that gave everyone the fright of their life.

10. A Real Eye-Opener - 28 Days Later

Invasion of the Body Snatchers
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Despite the fact zombie thriller, 28 Days Later, has its fair share of brutality, the most gruesome moment has nothing to do with the Infected creatures. After main characters Jim (Cillian Murphy), Selena (Naomi Harris) and Hannah (Megan Burns) are rescued by a group of soldiers, they assume the nightmare is finally over.

Sadly, the nightmare has only just begun. When Jim learns the soldiers' leader, Henry West, plans to turn women into sex slaves to repopulate the world, he realises the Infected are the least of his problems. As a result, Jim and his companions attempt to escape from Henry's headquarters.

While Henry wrestles with Selena, he's distracted long enough to give Jim the opportunity to repeatedly smash his head into a brick wall.

Even though Henry is barely conscious by this point, Jim doesn't think the sick bastard has suffered enough. Pinning him to the ground, Jim burrows his thumbs into Henry's eye sockets, causing him to let out an animalistic shriek.

As satisfying as it is to witness Henry get what he deserved, it's almost unbearable to watch his agonising death.

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