10 More Movie Characters Who Mean More Than You Think

Blink and you'll miss these extremely important characters.

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A while back, we dropped a list of 10 Movie Characters Who Mean More Than You Think. This wasn't a list of our sentimental favourites or anything, but rather ten bit-part roles that actually played a huge part in their respective films and series.

As it turns out, this is not a trend limited to just these ten movies, as cinema history is full of seemingly insignificant characters who actually play a massive role in their universes.

So, we've gone back to the well and found ten more names towards the bottom of the credits list who might actually deserve more credit than they get.

Whether they accidentally set in motion in the film's plot, provided a main character with important information, or went on to become far more important in hindsight, these ten characters are all seem so unremarkable that you'd be forgiven for forgetting they even existed in the first place.

Some of them don't even have names.

Let this be a lesson to all of you - just because you only have a small part in something, doesn't mean you can't make a whole load of difference.

10. The Security Guard - Wayne’s World

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This one is cheating a little bit, because the whole point of Chris Farley's character in the first Wayne's World is that he's a spoof of every other character on this list.

In the 1992 comedy classic, Wayne and Garth are trying to get the attention of a record producer whilst at an Alice Cooper concert. They have no idea where this man is, but luckily for them, a well-informed security guard has all the answers.

Farley's character knows everything about the producer's whereabouts, which helps our heroes find him and kicks off the main events of the film.

Wayne's World plays with several movie tropes and the "side character who serves to dump exposition on the audience" stereotype is no exception. Wayne, played by Mike Myers, even turns to the audience at home and remarks how strange it is that the guard knew so much.

If this was just a gag at the expense of movie-writing cliches, this moment would have been just fine. The fact that also moves the plot along shows what a well-crafted movie Wayne's World is.

If only there was a word beginning with E that could summarise it.

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