10 More Movie Endings With Disturbing Implications You Totally Missed

If you think this was a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention.

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You could argue there is no part of a movie more important than the ending. Failure to stick the landing can taint everything that came before it, no matter how good. Essentially, the rest of the movie is moot if all it adds up to is a disappointing conclusion.

Audiences typically like to go home satisfied, and usually a happy ending is the best way to do that. But there are some movie endings that may seem to wrap everything up nicely on the face of it, yet hide something else underneath.

It may be that the penny doesn't quite drop at the time, or that the audience is too wrapped up in the ending itself to think about what happens next, but even the happiest endings can sneak in something a little more disturbing.

WhatCulture has already explored these kinds of endings, but why stop at just 10? From mouse murder and inadvertently causing a global ice age, to characters either ruining lives or having their own lives ruined, there are plenty more "happy" endings that aren't quite as happy as you think.

10. Nate Became A Mass Murderer - Uncharted

Whiplash JK Simmons
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The Uncharted movie changed a lot of the lore between its two main characters from the game series, but the core was the same. Victor Sullivan essentially recruited and mentored a young, talented Nathan Drake, albeit slightly older on the big screen.

Drake's thieving career hadn't got any further than lifting fancy jewellery from marks drinking in the bar where he worked, but Sully took him straight to the big time in hunting down Magellan's lost treasure. With such a promotion however, came a lot more competition for the prize.

In fighting both Moncada and Braddock's people, Drake got his hands dirty almost immediately, but towards the movie's conclusion these fist fights evolved into sword fights and gun fights. Drake ultimately killed four people before the credits rolled, but this is just the beginning of his career with Victor Sullivan.

This kill count will only go up from here, and if the game series is anything to go by (which it should be, being an adaptation), Drake will kill a lot more people in the future. This young man just started on his path to becoming a mass murderer.

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