10 More Movie Idiots Who Basically Created Their Own Villains

You do it to yourselves, you do, and that's what really hurts!

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As the Joker once famously demonstrated to Batman, heroism has a habit of creating its dark opposite sometimes. Even with the best intentions, life has a way of balancing things, so someone at either extreme of the moral spectrum inspires an equal and opposite force to come into being. We'll call it the Mr Glass conundrum.

You can't fight against that sort of universal balance, but that's not what we're here to talk about. Instead, let's focus on times when heroes have done something wilfully stupid that led to the creation of their own arch-enemies. You know, the kind of things that were probably simpler not to do and wouldn't have caused the headache of them almost being killed or something.

Sometimes, they just do it to themselves...

10. Bruce Wayne Is Terrible With People - Batman Forever

Batman Forever Edward Nygma
Warner Bros.

There's no doubting the fact that Jim Carrey's Edward Nygma is a little weird when we first meet him in Batman Forever. He's a self-proclaimed Bruce Wayne fanboy, working his dream job at Wayne Enterprises and he's genuinely brilliant. Sure, he needs direction, but he's nothing like a danger to Gotham at that point.

He only turns into The Riddler when Bruce Wayne rejects his invention designed to beam TV straight into an audience member's brain. Initially, Wayne says he'd like to see more of it, if Nygma sets up a meeting to discuss it further, but then he turns on the idea when Nygma demands an answer immediately.

A normal person would placate Nygma and as Batman, Wayne should recognise the value of technology that manipulates brainwaves, given he's a superhero whose whole shtick is weaponising technology against his enemies. Instead, he shuts down Nygma's idea and unhinges him finally to the point that he kills his boss and sets out on the bath to become The Riddler.

Wayne should have realised that it's better to be in the boat with a guy pissing out than to have him outside pissing in.

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