10 More Movie Post-Credits Scenes That Went Absolutely Nowhere

Henry Cavill's DCEU return ultimately led to absolutely nothing.

Hitman Smith Albino
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Though post-credits scenes have been around for a long time, it was Nick Fury emerging from the dark to tell Tony Stark about the Avengers Initiative that truly sparked a trend in Hollywood. Now, seemingly the vast majority of movies will feature a sting during or after the credits, usually as a tease as to what will come in the future.

However, not all of these scenes actually amount to anything. For whatever reason, whether a franchise was ultimately cancelled, went in a different direction, or seemingly forgot about what was teased, you can't always trust a post-credits scene. They are far from guarantees.

Of course, there is a difference between scenes that went absolutely nowhere and those that just haven't been paid off yet. With legacy sequels and certain threads being picked up years after they were teased, there is often a case of 'never say never'. However, there are some post-credits stings audiences can be certain will never lead anywhere.

The subject was tackled by WhatCulture back in 2018, but ten examples just aren't enough. There are plenty more movies that had you stick around for one last scene that would ultimately end in nothing.

10. Sinestro's Yellow Ring - Green Lantern

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Even in spite of the popularity of multiple different iterations of the superhero, there is yet to be a proper appearance of a Green Lantern in the DCEU. There was one shown fighting Steppenwolf in Justice League, and Nathan Fillion has been cast as Guy Gardner in Superman: Legacy, but until then Martin Campbell's 2011 movie is all fans really have.

The sad truth is that no one enjoyed this movie, and it has even been ridiculed by Ryan Reynolds on numerous occasions in the years since. The franchise is as dead as a franchise can be, leaving one thread dangling without a resolution.

The post-credits scene shows Mark Strong's Sinestro - to some, the best aspect of the underwhelming movie - donning the yellow ring he wanted to use against Parallax earlier in the film. This was a clear setup for the character evolving into his typical villainous form in the future.

However, with Reynolds now firmly planted as the world's Deadpool, the critical and commercial failure of Green Lantern, and no real call for a return to this particular universe, the chances of ever seeing this version of Sinestro in his classic yellow suit are as low as they could possibly be.


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