10 More Movie Scenes More Real Than You Think

The movie slaps, screams, and stoned stares that were more real than you thought.

Ben Affleck Cameron Diaz There's Something About Mary
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While it is possible to fool audiences into believing what they're seeing is 100% legit through movie magic, intense rehearsals, and constantly improving CGI, sometimes there's just no substitute for the real deal.

However, the following times filmmakers and actors decided to bin off the visual effects or run-throughs, or suddenly improvise their way out of trouble in the moment, respectively, were so subtle and easy to miss you likely didn't even realise just how real the movie scene you were watching actually was at the time.

But you better believe that no CGI, sound effects, or extras were needed to bring everything from ridiculously intense knife sequences, to horrendous whacks to the face to the big screen, folks.

Instead, these actors either decided to legitimately embrace the violence, potentially blind themselves, and go full method during certain scenes, or the folks behind the camera felt it was the right call to genuinely terrify their stars in pursuit of the best end result.

So, from accidental tumbles sneakily making it into the final cut, to those horrifying screams that were anything but rehearsed, these are even more of those times movie scenes were more real than you imagined.

10. Jennifer Lawrence Was Legitimately High - Don't Look Up

Ben Affleck Cameron Diaz There's Something About Mary

During Adam McKay's Netflix apocalyptic satire known as Don't Look Up, Jennifer Lawrence's Kate Dibiasky, who discovers a comet heading towards the planet, is seen getting high to calm her nerves.

And as revealed by Lawrence herself, she wasn't always required to do that much acting in the scenes that involved the character sharing a room with the likes of Meryl Streep's President Janie Orlean after enjoying a quick smoke.

The actor and her director both openly admitted during a post-screening Q&A back in 2021 (via Yahoo! Entertainment) that J-Law very much got high before filming one particular scene with Streep as her character didn't have any scripted lines and McKay promised to not fire any unexpected improvisation his star's way.

Lawrence was quick to emphasise how her character "was getting high in the movie,” and she wasn't simply opting to get high for the hell of it. (And she also asks that you don't let her mother-in-law know about her method acting.)

So, the next time you take in a rather silent Lawrence sharing a scene with other acting royalty like Streep during this end-of-the-world black comedy, know that her slightly stoned stares are actually 100% authentic.


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