10 More Movies That Killed Completely The Wrong Character

Death is part of life. It just did not have to come so soon for these characters.


Unfortunately, few things sell drama in movies quite like death and the threat of it. There is nothing quite like sitting through a film and drinking in the entire experience only to lead with huge pangs of sadness after one of your favourite characters meets a grim end. Sometimes, of course, their send-offs are warranted to help move the story along but, with others, there can be suspicions that the trigger was pulled for the sake of some easy impact.

But, like it or not, death is a certainty in the movie business. The one small mercy is usually the fact that the best and most important characters are protected by thick plot armour. They might appear to be in danger, but they'll usually come through fine in the end.

Usually, but not always.

Sadly, movies do still kill off characters who shouldn't have met their end. And in some cases, you literally could reel off a huge number of other who should have been written out of the script instead. Life just isn't that fair, though.

Sure, it's an easy way to get people talking about your film franchise, and indeed to sell the idea that EVERYONE can be under threat, but that doesn't mean it isn't heartbreaking...


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